Magnetech offers magnetic solutions and services to a variety range of industries. We specialise in mineral beneficiation, tramp iron removal, design, maintenance repair of related equipment and supply of a wide range of raw magnets.


Magnetic Validation

Magnetech offers a comprehensive testing service for analysing and evaluating existing magnetic equipment. We conduct a full site inspection to determine overall magnetic protection efficiency and to test the strength of existing magnetic equipment.

- Magnets
- X-Ray Machines
- Metal Detectors

Mineral Beneficiation Test Work

Mineral processing assessment using magnetic equipment requires 3 distinctive stages.

1) Evaluation of magnetic susceptibility on a small scale less than 50kg
2) Technology proving using a small scale batch equipment up to 1 ton.
3) Pilot scale plant evaluation in a continuous process stream on site.

Magnet Repair Services

Magnetech offers the latest technology in electromagnetic foil coils, as opposed to wire coils, and much more can be done with magnet repairs.

- Lifting Magnets
- Electro Overbelt Magnets
- Wet & Dry Drum